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MC / PresentingBrooke offers over 15 years of experience in public speaking. She is available to host wedding receptions, award nights, balls, launches, golf days, corporate events, and more.

From 2006 to 2020, Brooke was the resident Master of Ceremonies at Crown Perth. As full-time stage personality "Lady Luck", she MCed prize draws and hosted promotional games on both the main gaming floor and premium gaming areas. Her role involved hosting special annual events including the Melbourne Cup, Celebrity Pink Poker tournaments, VIP Christmas and New Year Parties, and corporate sponsorship events (eg. race days). She co-hosted with Tod Johnston on a regular basis and also shared the stage with various other TV and radio personalities.


▪ The Variety Bash Children's Charity

▪ The 2018 Golden Ball, telecast live to Melbourne

▪ The 2018 TWR and Coco and Lola Fashion Influencer Event

▪ The CAAWA Masquerade Ball at Crown Perth

Brooke also provides voice overs and presenting services for advertisements and corporate videos. Recent clients include Trolley Valet, Advanced Dental Artistry, and Rayrocket Digital Media.

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Baby Naming Ceremonies PerthA baby naming ceremony is where you celebrate a baby's birth with family and friends. It is the perfect opportunity to announce the name you chose and also explain its significance (if there is one). and share your excitement about your new addition's future.

The ceremony itself can be religious if you want, but it doesn't have to be. Christian and Jewish families, for example, have their own popular customs when it comes to welcoming baby into the world (the baptism for Christians, and for Jewish boys, the bris). It's a celebration you can customize according to your own beliefs and style, so feel free to think outside the box. Your bash can take place in your home, in a garden, at a catering hall, or any other venue you love.


Pet Love Ceremonies PerthPets give us so much joy and enrich our lives. They give us unconditional love, companionship and friendship and ask us for nothing in return. (Brooke is a dog lover herself and spoils her little Maltese-Shitzu “Roxie” rotten)  

A Pet Love Ceremony can be the joyous occasion of welcoming a new pet into the family and for children to recognise that they now have a new responsibility to care and look after.

A Pet Love Ceremony can also be a funeral ceremony, to grieve the loss of a beloved pet, and to celebrate the life you shared with him or her.

Many breeders or dedicated animal lovers may wish to commemorate or announce the planned mating in a unique way - with a Pet Wedding. This fun ceremony will join together your furry four-footed (or feathered) friends with a true sense of celebration.



Weddings Perth“Someday someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else”

Congratulations on your engagement!

Brooke takes great pride and joy working with couples to create personalised, engaging and memorable ceremonies that reflect the couple's relationship and the life they share. Your ceremony is all about you and your special story and Brooke will work closely with you to ensure that that story is captured. She will also guide you through the legalities, provide you with all the resources you need, help with planning, provide professional equipment, and generally make sure your special day runs super smoothly and is one of the best experiences of your life.

Brooke's Fee includes:

▪ All legal paperwork (NOIM, Statutory Declaration, Marriage Certificate)

▪ Professional delivery of your unique ceremony

▪ A rehearsal with bridal party

▪ Initial meeting and unlimited follow-up meetings

▪ Open contact for any questions

▪ Sample ceremonies for ideas

▪ Sample vows for inspiration

▪ A premium PA system which Brooke speaks on, and also to
  play music (with iPod, iPhone or USB thumb drive options)

▪ Signing table and two chairs 

▪ Brooke will forward all legal documentation to the appropriate
  organisation within fourteen days of your wedding ceremony.

What you should know

In order to be married in Australia both couples need to be 18 years old or older.

A Notice of Intended Marriage or NOIM needs to be completed and given to Brooke at least one month before your wedding day.

Notice of Intended MarriageDownload the Notice Of Intended Marriage form.

Brooke requires your birth certificates – if you were born in Australia, your passport – if you were born overseas.

If you have been previously married, a divorce or death certificate must be provided.

If you do not speak fluent English, an Interpreter is required by law at all meetings including the wedding ceremony.

There are certain times when a shortening of time (to reduce the one month's notice) may be granted.

Please contact Brooke to go over these items with you.


Vow Renewals PerthIn this world where divorce seems to be the norm, a couple managing to stay together through thick and thin deserves some celebration!

If you and your spouse have made it to a significant anniversary, want to have a “do-over” wedding (because the first one had some element of disaster or you just want a more elaborate wedding this time around), or you've had some rocky times in your relationship and would like to reaffirm your commitment to one another, consider a vow renewal.

Since presumably you have already done the legal marriage, this ceremony will not be legally binding. There are far less rules and dos and don'ts about vow renewals than almost any other kind of ritual. It can be as simple as the two of you alone in a beautiful location reciting vows you have written, or a big affair with hundreds of guests.

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